If you want to enhance the volume and projection of your breasts, you are in good company. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Each individual has their own reasons for choosing breast augmentation, but almost everyone will have many questions about the results they can expect. 

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation uses implants to change the appearance of the breasts. Implants come in various sizes and shapes to give your breasts the desired appearance. Your LPS surgeon may use 3D photography or size you with actual implants to show you how different sized implants will look like on your body. Breast augmentation results can look subtle and natural or more noticeable, depending on your preference. 

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How Long Does a Breast Augmentation Last?

Breast implants are designed to remain in the body for many years, but may not last forever. You can expect that you will eventually need to remove or replace them. The results of breast augmentation typically last ten to twenty years. As a result, you may only need new implants once or twice in a lifetime. 

Keeping breast implants longer is not dangerous, but the longer you keep them, the more likely they are to develop problems such as capsular contracture or implant rupture (breaking). Signs of an aging implant can include hardening, a rippled texture, or scar tissue around the implant. If you develop any of these problems, talk to your surgeon about whether your implants may have reached the end of their lifespan. 

How is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Your LPS surgeon performs your procedure in our outpatient surgical suite. Your surgeon will choose the type of incision and placement of the implant based on your goals and anatomy. They may place the implant under the pectoralis muscle (submuscular) or above the muscle and under the breast tissue (subglandular/subfascial). 

How Long is Recovery From Breast Augmentation?

You will usually feel comfortable enough to resume light activities, such as showering, after about 48 hours. Soreness and swelling will improve steadily. We will develop an individualized plan for your return to work and other activities. You can usually return within a few days if your job does not require extensive physical activity. 

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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

The price of breast augmentation varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Your location
  • Your surgeon
  • Type of implant
  • Type of procedure
  • Other fees and expenses

The average cost of breast augmentation ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Depending on your provider, this may or may not include other fees, such as anesthesia. 

At Longwood Plastic Surgery, we proudly provide all-inclusive pricing so you know exactly what you can expect to pay. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert surgeons to receive an exact price for your procedure. 

I was recommended to Dr. Morris through my doctor at BID-Needham. Due to prior surgeries, I had some issues and Dr. Morris is the best. He has done a fantastic job with my abdomen core and I feel and look fantastic.

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