Revision Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the breast post mastectomy for both benign and malignant disease has become commonplace over the past 3 decades.  Though most commonly done at the time of the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction) there are times where this needs to be done in a delayed fashion.  In either case revisional procedures are often warranted to improve the overall outcome.  These revisional procedures are usually done after completion of any adjuvant oncologic treatments required for patients with breast cancer.

Many of these revisional procedures are simple.  For example, the reconstruction may need a size or shape adjustment.  Additionally, nipple reconstruction may be required if the nipple was removed at the time of the mastectomy.  Other revisional procedures are much more complex.  These can include difficult revisions requiring implant exchanges, fat transfer or even flap salvage reconstruction.

The surgeons at Longwood Plastic Surgery have gained over 40 years’ experience in this area.  Each week at LPS patients undergo complex revisional breast reconstruction in an attempt to bring patients towards their ultimate goals.  These goals can include improved symmetry from side to side, better overall aesthetic outcome, functional improvements in clothing and activity and overall discomfort and psychological well-being.

The surgeons at LPS pride themselves on treating each patient individually.  We listen carefully to our patient’s  concerns and hopeful outcomes for any surgical intervention.  We spend a great deal of time with our patients explaining the options and expected outcomes.  We are very careful to go over a full risk benefit analysis for each proposed procedure.

The physicians at LPS and the entire staff look forward to being of help to you on your journey to wellness and comfort