Were You Born with a Physical Anatomy That isn’t True to You?

Transgender Surgery – Bring Your True Self Forward

The sex we’re born with isn’t always compatible with the gender we identify with the most. In some cases, this dysphoria can lead to severe emotional trauma. Longwood Plastic Surgery specializes in a variety of transgender surgeries to help you dramatically improve your overall quality of life and feel comfortable in your own skin. Gender confirmation or re-assignment procedures are often considered reconstructive in nature and may be covered by your health insurance.

How Does Transgender Surgery Work?

At Longwood Plastic Surgery, we specialize specifically in breast reconstruction or “top surgery” including subcutaneous mastectomy as well as breast augmentation, facial reconstruction such as rhinoplasty, as well as body contouring. LPS uses custom methods for treating each individual who walks through our door. In some cases, our skilled surgeons may take a multi-faceted approach to safely and effectively get you the results you want.

Our board-certified physicians and surgeons take the time to listen to your concerns and help customize treatment plans according to your short and long-term goals. Longwood Plastic Surgery prides itself on treating each patient with compassion, understanding, respect, and privacy.

Consultations Available Now

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Am I a Good Candidate for Transgender

If your physical sex and the gender which you identify with don’t align, transgender surgery may be worth considering. The unique procedure can help reconstruct your facial and/or body anatomy to give you a look that more closely represents the contours you’d prefer. Patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria (regardless of their gender identity or the pronoun they use) may qualify for insurance-based procedures including the initial consultation.

The ideal candidate for transgender surgeries of all types would be an otherwise healthy adult both physically and mentally. Patients should have realistic expectations about what the procedure can and cannot do for them. Typically, non-smokers have the best results from any surgery. Your surgeon will be able to help determine your candidacy for transgender surgery at the time of your consult.

What Results Will I See?*

Although results can vary based on your individual procedure(s), most patients are happy with the initial outcome right away. You’ll likely be able to see your newly defined contours immediately with gradual improvement over the course of several weeks as post-surgical swelling subsides. Procedures such as nose surgery and breast implants may take up to 1-year to fully “settle”. Transgender procedures typically provide lifelong results.

What is the Recovery Like?*

Transgender reassignment surgery may involve a single procedure or include several surgeries at once. Recovery is typically equal to that of your most extensive procedure. In most cases, you can expect to take anywhere from 1-3 weeks off work and social activities. Your skilled LPS surgeon uses specialized techniques to produce an optimal outcome with minimal downtime whenever possible.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss every aspect of your procedure more in-depth so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

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Longwood Plastic Surgery serves Brookline, MA and the greater Boston area.

*Individual Results May Vary


“Dr. Morris–I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my surgery. It was exactly what I wanted and they actually look better than I thought they would…I am lucky someone recommended your name to me and I will do the same.” * -AB


“Dr. Reformat – Beginning with our first consultation, we both knew we trusted you. We witnessed your keen memory of details, noticed your sense of style and your natural artistic ability.”*  -LS

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*Individual Results May Vary