You may have heard of Botox®, the injectable treatment that relaxes wrinkles. Now you have another option: Jeuveau®, the newest wrinkle relaxer. This injectable treatment effectively smooths away frown lines to leave you looking younger and happier. 

What is Jeuveau®?

Like other wrinkle relaxers, Jeuveau® uses a purified version of botulinum toxin to treat lines and wrinkles. The FDA has approved Jeuveau® for frown lines between the brows, also known as glabellar lines or the 11’s, but it also works for crow’s feet and forehead lines like Botox®. It acts on the facial muscles that cause frown lines and other wrinkles and creases.

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How Does Jeuveau® Work?

Facial expressions help us communicate joy, concern, or curiosity, but they can also create lines and folds in our skin. The muscles pull and contract the skin, forming creases. In the beginning, these creases, called dynamic wrinkles, fade when your muscles relax. However, deeper wrinkles start to linger even when your face is at rest. Jeuveau® relaxes these muscles by silencing signals from the facial nerves. As the muscles relax, so do your wrinkles. Although you may hear them called neurotoxins, these treatments cause no damage to the nerves or muscles. Once your Jeuveau® wears off, your nerve function returns to normal. 

Jeuveau® vs. Botox®

You may wonder whether there are any differences between the different types of wrinkle relaxers. Jeuveau® and Botox® work the same way. However, they have some minor differences that might make one better for some people. We offer several wrinkle relaxers since each person will have a unique response to these slightly different formulas. 

Both products can last three to six months, although one might last longer than the other for some people. You may see results appear within a few days for Jeuveau® instead of seven days or more like Botox®. Jeuveau® uses a unique purification method that may help some people see longer-lasting or more noticeable results, but this will vary by individual. Your injection specialist will recommend a product based on their experience and understanding of your goals. 

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What Results Will I See With Jeuveau®?

Some people see results from Jeuveau® within as little as two days. Typical Botox® results take up to a week or even longer. You will notice the treated area begin to relax and see the injected muscle moving less. The lines and wrinkles will release and become smoother or even completely smooth. You can expect results to last up to six months, especially for repeat treatments. Many people schedule regular sessions to keep their youthful, relaxed look. 

Am I a Good Candidate For Jeuveau®?

Like other wrinkle relaxers, Jeuveau® is FDA-approved. Injectors train for a special certification to use Jeuveau®, ensuring that you achieve excellent results. Most people make good candidates as long as they are in good health and not pregnant or breastfeeding.

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