A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a unique procedure that offers a variety of benefits aside from aesthetic. For many, a tummy tuck can greatly improve their self-image and overall quality of life. However, the belly button can be a point of contention for many men and women considering tummy tuck procedures. But, if you’re worried about how your belly button will look after surgery, we’ve got some good news.

Choosing a qualified surgeon is paramount to achieving natural-looking results based on your body’s anatomy. At Longwood Plastic Surgery, our skilled, board-certified surgeons use the latest, most advanced techniques to ensure an optimal outcome. We’ve helped countless men and women get more youthful, defined contours with custom tummy tuck procedures, and we’re ready to help you too!

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*Individual Results May Vary

Will My Belly Button Be Moved?

At the time of your surgery, your skilled surgeon will make an incision along the base of the pubic bone. Another small incision is made around the belly button giving your surgeon the ability to more easily remove unwanted fat, tighten underlying muscles, and re-drape the skin. In some cases, the belly button may be removed and repositioned to a more centrally-located position on the belly.

You will have the same belly button, however, the surrounding tissue and skin will be dramatically improved. Your naval will no longer be buried or covered by loose, sagging skin after the procedure. In fact, many patients contribute their new belly button as major part of feeling more confident in showing off their firmer, flatter tummy.

Full Tummy Tuck Vs. Mini Tuck

Patients that have minor concerns or who retain good skin elasticity might be suitable candidates for a slightly less invasive procedure. During a mini tummy tuck, there may be no need to reposition the belly button at all. Whether the belly button is touched is a decision that’s made prior to surgery between you and your surgeon.

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What About Stretch Marks?

A tummy tuck produces total abdominal rejuvenation. Stretch marks located below the belly button can also be smoothed with tummy tuck procedures. Whether you’re bothered by excess fat, crepey skin, or unwanted stretch marks, a tummy tuck can help.

Is A Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

That’s a question that only you can answer. A consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons can help you make an informed decision about what’s right for you. Together, you can customize a treatment plan that will effectively meet your short and long-term contouring goals. The surgeons at Longwood Plastic Surgery are available before, during, and after surgery to answer any questions you have.

I was recommended to Dr. Morris through my doctor at BID-Needham. Due to prior surgeries, I had some issues and Dr. Morris is the best. He has done a fantastic job with my abdomen core and I feel and look fantastic.

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*Individual results may vary.