Breast lifts are highly customized based on your individual needs, and each woman has a unique healing process. However, with careful planning, recovery from breast enhancement procedures is generally very straight forward. At the time of your initial consultation, one of the LPS board-certified surgeons will help discuss the ways you can prepare for your surgery to ensure a speedy recovery.

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*Individual Results May Vary

Your Initial Recovery

Breast lifts are generally done on an outpatient procedure allowing you to go home for recovery the same day. Typically, swelling and discomfort will be at their worst for the first few days. Pain medication will be prescribed as needed. A compression garment will be provided and should be worn round-the-clock for the first week. Moving around the house is also recommended every several hours or as you feel comfortable doing so.

Getting Back to Non-Strenuous Activities

Many women are ready to tackle non-strenuous activities in just 5-10 days after a breast lift. You should maintain wearing a compression garment per your surgeon’s instructions to ensure maximum results with minimal downtime. Avoid activities that involve heavy lifting, raising your arms above your head, or promote excessive blood flow to the treatment area during this time.

Incorporating Physical Tasks Into Your Daily Routine

Depending on the activity, your surgeon may clear certain physical tasks as early as week two as energy levels increase. Women with physically-demanding jobs might need to plan additional time off work or adhere to a lax work schedule throughout recovery. Slowly incorporate low-intensity exercise into your day-to-day life as you begin to feel more comfortable.

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Full Recovery from a Breast Lift

Full recovery can vary from woman to woman. It might take one woman several months to get back into her normal routine, while it can take another woman 6+ months. The important thing to remember is not to push yourself too hard too soon. Doing so will prolong the recovery process as well as putting you at risk for infection and excessive scarring.

The best way to facilitate a smooth recovery is by opting for a board-certified surgeon that routinely performs breast enhancement procedures. The surgical team at Longwood Plastic Surgery boasts over 40-years of combined experience. We combine personalized treatment plans with advanced surgical skills and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an optimal outcome each and every time.

I’ve been feeling great and I’m finally back to my fitness routine! Other than the scars, it feels like these are the boobs I was supposed to have been born with (well at least at puberty, ha!). They feel so me, that sometimes I even forget I had surgery. Obviously they are MY boobs, no implants but I’m referring to the fact that the shape has changed. Unfortunately, I haven’t been really good about applying scar treatment on them, I have to get myself into a routine for that. So other than moisturizing with Aquafor I haven’t done much about it yet. I’ll be posting again at my 3 month mark.


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*Individual results may vary.