Top surgery is a big undertaking, and often the first surgical procedure many patients ever have. At Longwood Plastic Surgery, we’ve got experience with transgender patients of all varieties, so you can trust you’re in safe, caring hands.

FtM Top Surgery Boston

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What Should You Know Before Top Surgery?

There are many things to consider before getting Top Surgery. These vary by the type of top surgery you are getting. Below we will discuss the most important factors for both (Male to Female or Chest Feminization) MtF top surgery as well as (Female to Male or Chest Masculinization) FtM top surgery. 

MtF (Chest Feminization) Top Surgery

Male-to-female top surgery is designed to remodel a masculine chest into a feminine one with breast implants.


At LPS, we require our MtF patients to be on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for  at least one year before undergoing top surgery. Hormones produce amazing changes in the body, including natural breast development. This can significantly affect the implant size. HRT will also develop your breast pocket to accommodate the implants for a more natural final result.

Arrange Transportation 

Your procedure will be performed at the LPS offices in our outpatient surgical suite. Because of this, you’ll need to arrange for a loved one to drive you home as you can expect to feel groggy and tired after your procedure. It’s wise to consider having help in the 24 hours after your procedure as well. Planning ahead begins your recovery on a smooth note.

Post-op Support

When you awaken, you’ll be wearing compression garments or a surgical bra to constrict movement and minimize swelling. When you no longer need the surgical bra, have supportive bras at the ready. Consider bras without underwires, at least initially, so as not to irritate your healing scars. Front-closure sports bras can be an excellent alternative.

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FtM (Chest Masculinization) Top Surgery

Female-to-male top surgery is designed to remove feminine breasts and sculpt a masculine chest. There are different techniques to achieve this, some of which depend on specific anatomical features to achieve natural and successful results. These choices will be made with the guidance of your LPS surgeon beforehand.


Taking testosterone in the year before your top surgery is unnecessary at LPS, mainly because top surgery removes breast tissue and skin, so no pocket is needed. While HRT can certainly help achieve a more manly chest shape beforehand by redistributing your body’s fat and muscle, the LPS surgeon performing your procedure will be adept at sculpting your pecs regardless of HRT history.

Arrange Help During Recovery

The most common type of FtM top surgery performed is double-incision, which involves long incisions at the inframammary fold and additional ones up to and around the areola. It’s also likely you’ll have drains in place to prevent excess fluid building during recovery. As such, the first 24-48 hours may be quite uncomfortable, and you’ll be prohibited from lifting much. Someone needs to drive you home from your procedure and assist you for at least 1 day with anything you might require. Setting this up in advance can ensure an easy start to your recovery.

Tips For Top Surgery in General

Loose, Comfortable Clothing

Regardless of which transition you’re making, clothing can help with recovery. Having several shirts with front closure, like zip-front hoodies or button-up shirts, will prevent lifting your arms too high and unnecessarily stretching your healing skin.

Ask About Scar Care 

Your LPS provider will have recommendations on which products will best help you treat scars to keep them as unobtrusive as possible. This works for every surgical procedure, not just top surgery.

Insurance Coverage 

Massachusetts has some of the most robust transgender healthcare laws in the country, so before you write off having insurance coverage and unnecessarily delay your top surgery while you save for it, check into what your insurance might cover. You could be pleasantly surprised that your top surgery is closer than you once believed.

I was recommended to Dr. Morris through my doctor at BID-Needham. Due to prior surgeries, I had some issues and Dr. Morris is the best. He has done a fantastic job with my abdomen core and I feel and look fantastic.

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