Achieving your weight loss goals is a huge accomplishment worth celebrating. Not only do you look and feel better, but your overall quality of life can dramatically improve. There is one common problem associated with massive weight loss that almost everyone experiences – loose, sagging skin. The good news is, post-weight-loss body contouring at LPS can safely and effectively address excess skin.

Longwood Plastic Surgery offers several solutions to help you meet your body contouring goals. Depending on the location and severity of your concerns, you may be better suited for one or more of the following common treatment options. Remember, body contouring is highly customizable. Even if you don’t see the procedure that’s right for you, our board-certified surgeons can create a custom treatment plan that will get you the results you want.

*Individual Results May Vary

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck procedures are very common for men and women that have recently lost a significant amount of weight. The procedure is able to further thin uneven fat pads, tighten underlying muscles, and trim loose sagging skin.

Thigh Lift

If you’ve lost a massive amount of weight but still don’t feel comfortable sporting shorts, skirts, or swimwear, a thigh lift might be right up your alley. A thigh lift is a game-changing procedure for many men and women. Achieve a more sculpted appearance that’s cellulite-free after a thigh lift.

Upper Arm Lift

The upper arms are another area that is especially susceptible to excess skin. Having an arm lift can produce results that are dramatic. With a broader range of clothing options available to you, you’ll be able to comfortably show off your newly toned upper arms everywhere you go.

Lower Body Lift (Buttock Lift)

Sagging skin on the buttocks is highly common among men and women that have lost massive weight. A lower body lift aims to restore optimal contours to the buttock and lower thigh area in hopes to give patients a newfound sense of self-confidence. The procedure is often paired with other procedures for enhanced results such as a thigh lift. However, a buttock lift can produce significant results on its own with better fitting clothing and swimwear.

Thigh Lift & Tummy Tuck Consultations Available

Breast Rejuvenation

The breasts are an area of concern for both men and women after massive weight loss. Breast tissue can sag, and loose, crepey skin can have a negative impact on your self-image. If that sounds familiar, you may be able to benefit from a breast lift or reduction. Look and feel your best self possible with breast rejuvenation.

What’s Right for Me?

That’s a question only you can decide the answer to. Don’t worry though. We’ll guide you through the decision-making process and help customize a procedure that’s right for you. Once we’ve determined your problem areas, our team of board-certified physicians and surgeons will speak with you about all of your options in-depth. In some cases, several procedures may be performed in a single session allowing you to achieve maximum results with a single recovery.

This practice is easy to find, has parking and the people are friendly, from the receptionists to the doctors. The waiting time is not too long and it seems that you get results. I have used this practice, as represented by Dr. Donald Morris, for quite a few times and I would recommend it to others. What I had done there were reconstructive surgery after breast cancer and double mastectomy and also a tummy tuck.

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*Individual results may vary.