Trans men must consider several steps to align the body with their true gender, and those steps may be uncomfortable. Recovery from top surgery may be daunting, and at Longwood Plastic Surgery, we’re here to help you become your true self, whatever that form takes.

FtM Top Surgery Boston

*Individual Results May Vary

How Does FtM Top Surgery Work?

The three main types of FtM top surgery, double incision, periareolar, and keyhole depend on each patient’s unique physiology. A double incision is for patients with larger chests or body types, as chest contouring is performed through long incisions at the inframammary fold and the nipples are grafted in place. Periareolar top surgery is for patients with cup size B or smaller, using circular incisions around the nipple. Liposuction removes breast tissue, and the skin is drawn together around the nipple like a drawstring with the excess being removed. Keyhole is also for patients with B cups or less, who have tight chest skin that can be reshaped without removal. The incision is on the underside of the areola, allowing liposuction for male chest contouring. In periareolar and keyhole procedures, scarring is minimal and nipple sensation is mostly preserved. Testosterone therapy can improve contouring but is not required.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The best top surgery candidates are healthy, non-smoking adults who would benefit from masculine chest contouring. A consultation with LPS can provide more information.

What is Recovery Like?

Your recovery will largely depend on which top surgery you’ve had. Periareolar and keyhole recipients experience less tissue trauma, while double incision patients will require more extensive recuperation and wound care. It may be 1-2 weeks before you’ll feel comfortable returning to work or school. Those with more strenuous jobs involving physical labor may require as long as 4-6 weeks. Pushing yourself before you’re ready can lead to setbacks in recovery.

FtM Top Surgery Consultations Available

Most top surgeries are performed outpatient in LPS’s cutting-edge surgery suite, so you’ll be released into the care of a loved one the same day. You may or may not have drains, which are more typical with double incision and periareolar procedures. Compression bandages minimize bruising and swelling and preserve the male chest sculpting your surgeon has created.

Following your comprehensive post-op instructions is key to minimizing complications and speeding recovery times. The first 48 hours is when you’ll feel the greatest discomfort and will need pain management. Ice packs can improve swelling and bruising and reduce inflammation as well as help manage pain. Sleeping semi-elevated on your back improves circulation and keeps additional pressure off your chest. It is important not to lift your arms above shoulder height for 2-3 weeks to avoid stretching your scars and shifting your contours. As your energy and pain levels improve, slowly resume mundane tasks such as walking and cooking as you feel ready. The best medicine is listening to your body, eating healthy, and avoiding alcohol and smoking. Scar minimizing information will also be provided, and silicone gel has been proven effective in minimizing scars.

What Results Can I Expect?

Your chest will immediately be more masculine following your procedure because your breast tissue will be gone. At your first post-op appointment, your bandages will be removed and your new chest revealed. Scars will fade over several months to a year, and you’ll have the freedom of your newly affirmed gender for the rest of your life.

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