Body Contouring for Loose Skin After Semaglutide Weight Loss

The impact of weight loss medications like semaglutide cannot be overestimated. These medications, which mimic the effects of a natural peptide called GLP-1, have allowed many people who thought they could not lose weight to improve their lives dramatically. However, losing this amount of weight, especially in a short time, can leave you with loose skin. Post-weight loss body contouring lets you complete your weight loss journey and enjoy your full results. 

What are Semaglutide and GLP-1?

Semaglutide, which is sold under brand names such as Ozempic, is an injectable weekly medication. In your body, it acts like a peptide called GLP-1. This signaling peptide helps your digestive system and brain communicate about fullness, the desire to eat, and other aspects of your metabolism. As a result, people find themselves eating less without craving food or feeling hungry. While originally developed for type 2 diabetes, this medication is now FDA-approved for weight loss. 

How Does Weight Loss With Semaglutide Affect Your Body?

Semaglutide affects your body in many ways, but at Longwood Plastic Surgery, we are here to help you with the effects on your skin and other tissues as the fat disappears. Loose skin after significant weight loss can affect your appearance, your confidence, and even your health. Many people feel like they are not seeing the complete results of their weight loss because it is hidden by excess skin.

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What is Post Weight Loss Body Contouring?

Your Longwood Plastic Surgery team has extensive experience performing body contouring surgery. Each body contouring surgery is unique and based on your needs since each person will lose weight and experience sagging in different areas. Common procedures performed for post weight loss contouring include:

The goal of this procedure is to remove excess skin and fat to reveal the tighter, more sculpted figure beneath. If you have lost weight with semaglutide or another GLP-1 medication, body contouring can be the last step in your transformation. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring After Semaglutide?

Depending on the extent of your procedure, body contouring can be a significant surgery, so you should be in overall good health and mentally prepared for the recovery time. Candidates typically want to address a large amount of loose skin and unevenly distributed fat after major weight loss. 

Candidates should be at or near their weight loss goals before having surgery since losing more weight can lead to more skin laxity. Your surgeon may recommend waiting six months before scheduling the procedure to ensure your weight remains stable. Ideal candidates are non-smokers with reasonable expectations. 

What is Recovery Like After Post Weight Loss Body Contouring?

Since each body contouring surgery is unique, so is your recovery. Some people return to work and other light activities within about two weeks, while those with more extensive procedures will often need four to six weeks to resume most of their normal routine. Your surgeon will provide you with instructions, including how to care for your incisions to minimize scarring. 

What Results Will I See After Post Weight Loss Body Contouring?

You will usually see a difference immediately after your procedure. However, swelling and bruising will keep you from appreciating your full results right away. Most people start to see their desired contours after a few months as the swelling resolves, with full results taking six months or more to evolve.

The most effective way to achieve long-lasting results is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether semaglutide or GLP-1 medications have been part of your process, staying fit and avoiding weight gain will ensure you look slim and contoured. 

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