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Subcutaneous Mastectomy


Case 794

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Procedures Performed

  • Subcutaneous Mastectomy


This transgender patient had subcutaneous mastectomy through a periareolar incision with liposuction. Presented with A cup and desired a flat chest. ​Post op photos are 3 months from surgery.
Post Questions Review
1. How did you hear about our practice?
I heard about your office through a doctor at Fenway health, which was helping me find a doctor that could perform the surgery I was looking for.
2. How was your consultation ("What brought you in?")
The consultation was very good! As someone with PTSD and anxiety, the staff members were very kind and understanding. Even when I needed more time to do something, they respected me through it.
3. How was the procedure? How was the recovery?
The procedure was great! All the doctors and nurses were nice and let me know about things that would be happening in a clear and understanding way. Recovery was also good. All the questions I had with my recovery were answered and helped me more understanding of how to recover in the best way I could.
4. How were the results?
I am very satisfied with the results I have. As a trans-man, I feel more comfortable in my body then I have in most of my life.
5. Would you recommend our practice/doctor to a friend or family member? What would you tell them?
I would definitely tell a friend or family member about this office. I would tell them about the great staff members and how they helped me through the whole process of this surgery.