Your body needs to sweat to help control your temperature. If you sweat excessively even when not exercising or exposed to heat, social situations can become stressful. Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can make you feel embarrassed and lower your self-esteem. Fortunately, you have options to treat your hyperhidrosis, and at Longwood Plastic Surgery, we can help

What is Hyperhidrosis?

If you have hyperhidrosis, you sweat more than normal even while not doing anything. You may sweat through your clothes, or the excess sweat may cause odor. Sweat glands excrete sweat when triggered by your nervous system. If you have hyperhidrosis, your nervous system may start sweating even when not needed, such as when you find yourself under stress.

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What Treatments are Available for Hyperhidrosis?


If regular antiperspirants do not work for you, your doctor may prescribe clinical-strength ones. Antiperspirants do not work for everyone, and for some people, they can cause skin irritation. Other people also prefer to avoid this option due to their concerns about the safety of antiperspirants. 

Prescription Medications

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help manage your sweating. These work for some people but can also have unpleasant side effects. They are usually used for people who sweat excessively all over their bodies. 


While most people know about Botox® as a wrinkle treatment, it can also manage excessive underarm sweating with minimal risk of side effects. Botox® makes an excellent option for those who have not succeeded with antiperspirants.

How Does Botox® Treat Hyperhidrosis?

Botox® works to treat hyperhidrosis the same way it relaxes your facial wrinkles. Nerves send signals using neurotransmitters, and Botox® blocks the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. When used for wrinkles, Botox® stops nerves from telling muscles to contract. When used for hyperhidrosis, it stops nerves from telling sweat glands to release sweat

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What Results Will I See With Botox® for Hyperhidrosis?

Most people start to notice a decrease in sweat within a few days of their Botox® injections, with full results after two weeks. Research has shown that Botox® can reduce underarm sweating by up to 87%. This can reduce sweat levels to normal for many people. Results last four to twelve months, making Botox® convenient and easy to maintain. 

Is There Any Downtime With Botox® for Hyperhidrosis?

Getting your Botox® injections only takes a few minutes, and you can immediately go back to your daily routine. You should avoid rubbing the injection site for four hours and wait to resume exercising until the next day. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox® to Treat Hyperhidrosis?

If you have excessive sweating not managed with antiperspirants, you may be a good candidate for Botox®. It can be used safely almost anywhere on the body, and the risk of side effects is very low. You may not be a good candidate if you have certain neuromuscular conditions, if you are pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. 

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