Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and most breast augmentations use implants. For various reasons, however, you may want or need to have breast implant removal. After you remove your implants, what happens depends on your desired results and other factors. 

What are Breast Implants? 

Breast augmentation enhances your breast volume, shape, and position. In most cases, the procedure uses implants to create the desired appearance. Breast implants are saline or silicone forms designed for placement inside the body. They come in a wide variety of shapes and textures so that you can choose the best ones. When placed by an experienced LPS breast surgeon, implants look natural and proportionate. 

Breast Implants & Breast Augmentation

Why Do People Have Breast Implant Removal?

While breast implants are generally very safe, you may choose to have them removed for various reasons. One of the most common reasons to have implants removed is to replace them with new ones. Implants typically last ten to twenty years, although you may replace them sooner if you have problems or prefer a different type of implant. People may also have implant removal for health reasons, because the appearance of their breasts has changed, or because they just prefer not to have implants anymore. 

What to Expect After Breast Implant Removal 

If you have your breast implants removed, you may or may not have them replaced with new implants. What to expect after their removal depends on the final results you want to see

If you have your implants replaced, you can expect a recovery process similar to when you got your implants. You can expect a week or two of limited activity, and most people will return to work within that time frame. Your breasts would not look significantly different unless you chose implants much different from your previous ones. 

If you do not have your implants replaced, your breasts will noticeably lose volume. If you have small implants and have good skin elasticity, your skin may tighten, but in many cases, your breasts will droop and look flatter than before. You have several implant-free options for addressing this concern. 

Breast Implant Removal Consultations Available

Should I Replace My Implants?

Whether you replace your implants after removal is an extremely individualized decision. If you have problems with your implants, you might prefer to avoid them in the future. We will be happy to assist if you love your implants and just want an upgrade. If you choose not to replace your implants, you can regain some volume with fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure transfers fat from elsewhere in your body to your breasts for natural volume enhancement. 

Will I Need a Breast Lift If I Have Breast Implant Removal?

You can expect some sagging or drooping if you have implants removed and do not replace them. A breast lift is the most effective solution to sagging after implant removal. A breast lift will not replace lost volume but will help you achieve firm, perky breasts. If you are happy with smaller but well-shaped breasts, it may be the right choice. 

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