Sweating is one way our bodies regulate our temperature, either when the ambient temperature is too warm or when we exercise. Working up a good sweat can feel good, but if you suffer from hyperhidrosis—overactive sweat glands—the amount of sweat can cause social anxiety and embarrassment. It can impede regular functioning. Longwood Plastic Surgery can help with Botox® injections.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

The nervous system triggers sweat glands when our body temperature rises or, in the case of sweaty palms, when we’re nervous. Hyperhidrosis is when the nerves that trigger sweat glands are overactive. Hyperhidrosis sufferers endure sweat dripping from hands, feet, underarms, or the face, which in social and professional settings, can cause embarrassment. Stress can make hyperhidrosis worse. There are also medical conditions where hyperhidrosis is a secondary symptom, such as diabetes, menopause, thyroid problems, nervous system disorders, and more.

What Treats Hyperhidrosis Symptoms?

It may surprise you to learn Botox® is one of the best hyperhidrosis treatments. Botox® is a neurotoxin specifically designed to impede signals from the nerves from reaching their intended target. For wrinkles, that means facial muscles, but for hyperhidrosis, Botox® blocks the communication between the nervous system and the sweat glands. When initial treatments such as clinical strength antiperspirants fail, Botox® is a fairly convenient and very effective alternative.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Since its FDA-approval in 2002, millions of people have safely and successfully used Botox® for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, migraines, and hyperhidrosis. It’s very well tolerated by most patients. A thorough medical history during your Longwood Plastic Surgery consultation will help determine if you’re a good candidate for Botox® for hyperhidrosis.

Botox Consultations Available

What is the Procedure Like?

Botox® injections, while not pain-free, are no more uncomfortable than the pinch of a needle. The medication may contain lidocaine for maximum patient comfort as well, especially for injection in sensitive areas such as the underarms. In the hands of a skilled and licensed physician, Botox® can put a stop to excessive sweating without resorting to more invasive treatments such as sweat gland removal.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is virtually no downtime with Botox® injections. The treatment is most commonly performed in-office, and can be completed in just a few minutes. You may immediately resume your regular, active lifestyle.

What Results Will I See?

Within 5-7 days, treated areas will become noticeably drier, and while it may take up to 2 weeks to experience total dryness, improvements are fairly swift. The location of your treatment will determine the longevity of the Botox® injections because the medication wears off with more movement. For the hands, feet, and face, your Botox® injections should last around 6 months. For less active areas, such as the underarms, your Botox® treatment could last anywhere from 4-14 months. To maintain optimal dryness, you’ll need to repeat Botox® injections.

The staff at Longwood Plastic Surgery understand how embarrassing excessive sweating can be. Sweating through your clothing, always appearing overheated, or even simply worrying about sweat rings under your arms or sweaty palms during a handshake can color every interaction you have. Many hyperhidrosis sufferers avoid public situations, but you don’t have to anymore. Botox® is an easy, adaptable, and minimally invasive treatment that can help you regain your confidence and take back control of your life.

“My visit was excellent and I was impressed with the doctors and staff! They made me feel comfortable and explained all they were going to do.”

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