The abdomen is one of the most challenging areas to slim and contour. In addition to being a preferred place for the body to store fat, it can develop sagging skin after pregnancy or weight loss. A tummy tuck restores this hard-to-sculpt area, so your abdomen looks flatter and slimmer

What is a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty?

If you have significantly loose skin and excess fat in your abdominal area that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, a tummy tuck might be the solution. This surgical procedure, also called an abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat, tightens the remaining skin, and repairs abdominal muscles that can separate during pregnancy. A tummy tuck is the most effective and powerful way to address loose abdominal skin. 

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How is a Tummy Tuck Done?

Abdominoplasty is performed in our accredited surgical suite under general anesthesia. Your LPS surgeon will make an incision across the lower part of your abdomen. You will be able to cover this incision with most undergarments and swimwear. Your surgeon will remove skin and fat, then repair separated muscles in your abdomen

Depending on the amount of skin removed, they may create a new location for your belly button. The overall size of your incision will depend on the amount of loose skin that needs to be removed. 

Do I Need a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

Not everyone with an abdominal “pooch” needs a tummy tuck to achieve their desired results. While abdominoplasty is the most effective way to remove loose skin, you may have more concerns about stubborn abdominal fat. You might be a good candidate for liposuction, a less invasive procedure that removes fat. Liposuction cannot tighten skin, so we recommend liposuction for people without sagging or laxity. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Abdominoplasty?

Good candidates for a tummy tuck want to address loose skin and excess fat in the abdominal area. We recommend a tummy tuck for people in overall good health and with reasonable expectations. If you plan to become pregnant in the future, we recommend waiting to have a tummy tuck, since pregnancy can undo your results. 

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What is Recovery Like From a Tummy Tuck?

You can expect some soreness and swelling during the first few days after your procedure. If your job doesn’t require strenuous activity, you may be able to return to work within two weeks. People with more active jobs may need to wait up to a month. You can also start to add activities back to your exercise routine at this time. 

What Results Will I See With a Tummy Tuck?

Swelling from abdominoplasty can take several months to resolve completely. Your results will continue to improve for up to a year after surgery. Along with a flatter abdomen, you may notice more core strength and better posture due to repaired abdominal muscles. Your clothes will fit better, and you may feel more confident wearing clothes that reveal your belly.

I was recommended to Dr. Morris through my doctor at BID-Needham. Due to prior surgeries, I had some issues and Dr. Morris is the best. He has done a fantastic job with my abdomen core and I feel and look fantastic.

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