If your chest makes you feel out of alignment with your gender and sense of self, FtM top surgery offers a solution. This gender-affirming procedure can be a huge step for people seeking a chest that matches the body they feel most comfortable in. 

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subcutaneous mastectomy Boston
subcutaneous mastectomy Boston

What is FtM Top Surgery?

Individuals transitioning from female to male may consider top surgery as a way to feel more like themselves. FtM top surgery can give you the flatter chest you need to feel more confident if you find your breasts uncomfortable. Each person will have different reasons to choose FtM top surgery. We will work with you to achieve your personal goals

Am I a Candidate for FtM Top Surgery?

If you want a flatter, more male chest aligned with your gender, you may be a good candidate for FtM top surgery. Ideal candidates have no major health problems and do not smoke. You should have reasonable expectations about your results. Many people have prepared for this surgery for a long time and feel more than ready to see themselves with a more masculine or gender-neutral chest. 

How Does FtM Top Surgery Work?

Your surgeon at Longwood Plastic Surgery will perform a subcutaneous mastectomy (majority but not all breast tissue). Depending on your body type and the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, your nipple may be repositioned or resized. Your surgeon will tailor your procedure to your body, so you see the most aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking results

FtM Top Surgery & Transgender Surgery Consultations Available

What are the Benefits of FtM Top Surgery?

You can experience tremendous mental and emotional benefits from your FtM top surgery. After years of struggling with gender dysphoria, many people find this procedure life-changing and liberating. 

Gender Affirmation

FtM top surgery brings you a significant step closer if you want to feel like your appearance aligns with your gender. A flatter, more masculine chest immediately changes your entire appearance. Your chest will look the way you want it to in all types of clothing and situations. 

Social Interactions

People have preprogrammed responses to others when they perceive them as male or female. Gender-affirming FtM top surgery can change the way others respond to you. You will notice a change in the way people react when interacting with you.

Mental Health

Gender dysphoria significantly impacts mental health. People with gender dysphoria often live with depression or other mental and emotional health issues. Gender-affirming top surgery can give you renewed confidence and relief from your gender dysphoria and may help alleviate depression. 

What is Recovery From FtM Top Surgery Like?

Most people need one to two weeks before returning to daily activities such as work. If you have a physically strenuous job, you may need to wait up to six weeks. We will advise you to sleep propped up on your back to avoid disturbing the healing process. Ice packs can help control pain and swelling. You will need to avoid lifting your arms for two to three weeks. 

I was recommended to Dr. Morris through my doctor at BID-Needham. Due to prior surgeries, I had some issues and Dr. Morris is the best. He has done a fantastic job with my abdomen core and I feel and look fantastic.

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